January 14, 2011
To be posted on nobabies.net

Jimmy Carter
c/o Carter Center
453 Freedom Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

Dear President Carter:
I continue to be your fan.  You are the only president I know of who having left office continued to do great things in the world.  You are our only senior statesman.  How you do it I have no idea.

I would like to place before you something of the utmost importance.  Of course your commitments are already beyond human capacity, but I have faith that you are surrounded by idealistic people who might indeed have the time to render the world an inestimable service.  I shall try to lay it out briefly and direct you to the evidence not so much in hopes you will drop everything but maybe you will wave it at somebody and ask, “What do you think?”  It is my favorite question and I rarely get an answer.

First remember that anything you need, too much of it will kill you.  Then remember that a population must have a minimum size of social group for mating purposes or it will die of inbreeding.  Therefore, there must be a maximum size of social group or the population will die.  I do not refer to race, ethnicity, religion or any of the named groupings over which we obsess.  They are far too big.  There is overwhelming evidence that the biggest population that can endure is less than a thousand. 

Consider: Not so long ago we all married cousins: there were lots of babies.  Now we never marry cousins; there are not enough babies for long term survival.  That proves nothing, but it should make anybody suspicious.  Yes, I know there are too many people in the world.  But we are going to need some.  Yes I know the UN says developed countries will evolve toward replacement fertility.  That flies in the face of experience; it is wishful thinking.

I have placed evidence on my web site nobabies.net.  (“Orlando meeting” is my most recent summary.)  “No babies” is exactly what we face.  The young of today will see it happen in the developed world, or so the evidence suggests. 

Please look it over or have somebody else with a heart and a brain look it over.  If I can help in any way, let me know.  I have devoted the last fifteen years to this and would not mind having a friend. 


M. Linton Herbert MD

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