Green cheese, just being silly:
A traditional bit of mild humor is to say that the moon is made of green cheese.  Since nobody believes it, it seems to be a chance for some harmless fun.  Now there are those who say “green” here means “unripe,” which might be sort of white, but I think most of us think of it as green.  Back when lunar exploration was in the news, somebody said that the seismic properties of the moon were sort of like cheese.  Alas, I do not know that the idea has been pursued or widely publicized.

So in this paranoid age, the trendy thing would be to look for a government cover up.  For instance an early photograph of the surface of Mars showed a hill that looked a bit like a human face.  NASA declined to take another look for a long time, but people kept asking so in due course a high resolution picture of the hill was released.  Of course it looked nothing like a face or an artifact.  I looked at it for a couple of minutes.  It was obvious to any professional observer that the new picture had been computer processed in a way that information across some distances had been emphasized at the expense of other distances.  The result was that the information on the scale that made it look like a face had been suppressed.  Oddly, there were obvious craters in the original picture that looked sure enough like craters with low centers and raised margins but looked in the processed image to be flat as flounders; they looked like bull’s-eyes.  Then, as if to taunt professionals or to give a subtle clue to the rest of us, they published the picture upside down.  So maybe it was a snafu, maybe they just didn’t put the best talent on it or maybe the IT decided to send us that clue.  Anyway to my eye there was no doubt of a cover up.  Was there actually anything to be covered?  I really don’t think so; it was just a rock.  Since the world is mostly water, vegetation, cloud cover, ice, sand and so forth, we really aren’t much accustomed to looking at rock formations from space.  Even so, there are nifty ones; ask me about Mount Sinai some day.

So the simplest assumption is that cover up is the official default; knowledge is power – people are power mad – they only tell us what they think will help them manipulate us.  Did you ever hear about Rotherham in the American news?  I didn’t think so.  It would not have pushed us in the preferred direction.

“And there is a government cover up concerning the moon made of green cheese?” you might reasonably ask.  “I see the pockmarks; that’s cheesy, but why green?  Green might be “unripe,” but most of us think green.”

This year, 2017, there have been a bunch of high status tourists going to Antarctica.  I have heard of the Eastern Orthodox patriarch, the US secretary of state, an astronaut, a couple British princes and the king of Spain.  And then Lockheed Martin went down.  That last was so remarkable I even verified it.  Why should our best secret weapons experts go, at enormous expense, to look at ice and penguins?  Both are available more conveniently. 

Maybe the best guess is that Germans around WW II put some secret weapons there.  But maybe it appeared that there were artifacts beyond the abilities of even those energetic people.  Extraterrestrials?  That would seem unnecessarily weird.  People could have done it far more easily.  Some 60 thousand years ago, it is thought the modern humans were hunter gatherers.  Now we are space capable.  In the meantime, we have been doing some other things, such as slaughtering each other, squabbling over what is the One True Religion and watching civilizations go down the siphon.  So given some peace and tolerance, which Isaac Newton and a bunch of the rest of us would have commended, it seems to me that we could have accomplished the same thing in the same time during some interval in the 240,000 years we modern humans were fumbling about prior to that last extended family reunion around some forgotten campfire. 

Sure, there is total absence of genetic proof, but given a rather small number of advanced folk, that’s not much lack of evidence.  There are some similarities in traditional social stories, a remarkable interest in moving big rocks around and building heroic structures, all serenely dismissed without invoking an ancient high tech community.  And there is a total lack of any smoking gun class artifacts … maybe.  Of course all things made of human break down.  People live in places like the seashore or river mouths.  Anything kept for a few thousand years might well have been discarded close to where people were living and then be subjected to the grinding of the surf as sea levels rose and fell.  So again we might well not find evidence had it even existed.  Under a couple miles of ice, it might be different.  Hunter gatherers might not stumble across everything, and the sea might not intervene.

I once asked my father why shadows were blue.  He, patient man, assured me that shadows are black.  Yet walking home from school that day, I was sure that may shadow on the white sidewalk was blue.  Of course it was lit by the bright blue sky; I know that now.

Overhead, the sun is gold and it goes reddish close to the horizon.  The moon looks white overhead, but goes gold on the horizon.  The fact is that the air scatters blue light but not so much longer wavelengths.  That means that the sun, if you could see it without the atmosphere, ought to be green – yellow and blue.  Now you know why leaves are green.  They pick up direct sunlight and the scattered component.  So the moon is bathed in green light. To a space faring it would look like green cheese.  The story might have come down to us as the putative tales of our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors might have.

And the artifacts of those early modern humans might be under the ice.  (They wouldn’t be our ancestors; they ultimately died out from having a mating strategy that led them to marry non cousins just a bit too often.)

It sounds like the time for a new government cover up to me.

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